Home Page

Welcome to your campaign home page.

We’ll use for the basic over view of our game and the refreshers to our most recent adventure.

Obsidian Portal will also be used as our primary source of communication in downtime. The forums you’ll find the logs that each of you will be able to use for extra interaction you would like your characters to have. You are encouraged to use this space to develop them.

The Character section will be visible to all so only include information that you want to be public knowledge. Several NPC’s will be visiting this section as well.

If I create or use any house rules you’ll be able to find them in the forums as well. This will also be where I share any special references.

You can start making characters. I think most of you mentioned classes already and none of them were Coalition, so let’s stay away from them I guess. I think classes from the main book, mercenaries, oh heck it’s Rifts just ask before you make.

Home Page

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